October 26-December 2
between days, Honey Ramka
New York, New York

June 11-16
VOLTA14 with Frosch & Portmann Gallery, Frosch & Portmann
Basel, Switzerland

January 1-31
Some Kind of Stranger, Platform
Seattle, Washington


December 7-30
Forever 22, Specialist
Seattle, Washington

November 30-December 30
KRAAAM, Frosch & Portmann
New York, New York
Dennis Dawson, Tyler Hildebrand, Eva Lake, Paul Loughney, Fritz Sauter and Robert Yoder


December 1-January 15
Ten Shades of White, Frosch & Portmann
New York, New York

December 16 2016-January 29 2017
New York, New York
Gennadi Barbush, Ryan Cronin, Chris Dimino, Don Doe, Cary Leibowitz, D. Dominick Lombardi,
Ray Materson, Tony Petracca, Tyson Reeder, Karen Shaw, Lewis Smith and Robert Yoder

April 21-May 26
JAME6, Frosch & Portmann
New York, New York

April 23-June 19
NiGHTSHiFT iii, Castledrone
Boston, Massachusetts
GG Burney, Albert Gray, Nat Meade, Giordanne Salle and Robert Yoder


September 26-November 1
Fay Ray and Robert Yoder, Carl & Sloan
Portland, Oregon

September 3-October 9
My Darkest Light Will Shine, Platform Gallery
Seattle, Washington
Jaq Chartier, Erin O'Keefe, Melissa Pokorny and Robert Yoder

September 4-October 14
2015 Neddy Exhibition, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle WA

July 30-August 29
Out Of Sight, King Street Station
Seattle, Washington

June 5-July 25
Serial Comma, Planthouse
New York, New York
Derek Bourcier, Robert Medvedz and Robert Yoder

May 21
Somebody's Love Train, Organic Produce
Seattle, Washington

March 20-31
Deep Web Underground/Jetlag
Kuwait City, Kuwait


June 16-22 VOLTA10 Basel Switzerland
Christian Frosch, Hooper Turner and Robert Yoder, Frosch&Portmann, Booth C20

April 10-May 18
Teenage Donna, Frosch&Portmann, New York NY

January 2-February 8
Dark Entries, Platform Gallery, Seattle WA


September 4-October 14
2013 Neddy Exhibition, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle WA

February 8-May 5 2013
Chamber Music, Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA

January 24-27 2013
Editions/Artists Books Fair, Marginal Editions, New York, NY

January 12-March 13 2013
Eduardo Calderón: Portraits of 20 Northwest Artists, Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner, WA


December 13 2012-January 20 2013
A Binder Full Of Collages, Frosch&Portmann, New York NY
Raffaella Chiara, Dennis Dawson, James Gallagher, Steve Green, Eva Lake and Robert Yoder

December 4-9
Miami Project, Platform Gallery, Seattle, WA Booth 817

June 22-July 9
Mega Bodega, Family Business Gallery, New York, NY
Sun Worshippers book launch July 3

June 11-16, 2012
Solo Booth Exhibition, Basel, Switzerland, Frosch&Portmann, Booth K3

May 3-June 16
DILF!, Platform Gallery, Seattle WA

It's Just a Trace of the Life That Left, The Sorrento Hotel, Seattle, WA
Fireside chat with Roy McMakin and DW Burnam, February 20, 6:00pm


Hooper Turner, Vicki Sher and Robert Yoder
Booth #F-202

November 3-December 23
Beautiful William, Frosch&Portmann, New York NY

September 10
5K Don't Run, NEPO House, Seattle WA

September 7-October 29
The Show Is Over..., Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle WA, curated by Ian Toms

August 27-October 1
Ubiquitous Foundations: Ben Waterman and Robert Yoder, 301 Gallery, Montserrat College of Art, Beverly MA

May 11-October 28
Seattle As Collector, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle WA

May 3-28
Cover You and Smother You, Froelick Gallery, Portland OR

April 26
This Is The Crisis I Knew Had To Come (Brutally Taking Its Toll), Vignettes, Seattle WA

April 7-30
DUG, SOIL, Seattle WA

April 1-7
Morphine, Violet Strays, Seattle WA

Julia Kuhl, Hooper Turner, Vicki Scher and Robert Yoder
Booth #A-51

February 3-27
Palm Springs Pop Up, Froelick Gallery, Palm Springs CA


Raffaella Chiara, Julia Kuhl, Hooper Turner, Iris Schieferstein, Vicki Sher and Robert Yoder
Booth #E-10

October 22-November 13
Collage: A Dialog, Gage Academy of Art, Seattle WA
Lisa Buchanan and Robert Yoder

October 8-October 30
Splendid Isolation, Frosch&Portmann, New York NY
Julia Kuhl and Robert Yoder

October 8-November 13
The Arc of Picasso, Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle WA
Gretchen Bennett, Deborah Butterfield, Jacob Lawrence, Isaac Layman, Margie Livingston,
Mattew Offenbacher, Joseph Park, Michael Spafford, Whiting Tennis and Robert Yoder

September 12-October 1
KICKOFF, Frosch&Portmann, New York NY
Raffaella Chiara, Julia Kuhl, Hooper Turner, Iris Schieferstein, Vicki Sher and Robert Yoder

Raffaella Chiara, Julia Kuhl and Robert Yoder
Booth #A26

New American Paintings
Pacific Coast Edition #85
Juror: Dominic Molon, Pamela Alper Associate Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago IL

March 20-April 10
The Louder The Sun, Michael Peck Space
Noah Grussgott, Ben Waterman and Robert Yoder

March 4-28
Schema, Oregon College of Art and Craft
Maggie Casey, Ruth Laskey, Wes Mills, Josh Paylacky,
Richard Rezac, Jordan Tull, Amanda Wojick and Robert Yoder

Julia Kuhl and Robert Yoder
Frosch & Portmann
Booth #A22


December 3-6
Aqua Art Miami
Solo Project, Booth 6